Pheromones In Humans Exist

Pheromones and humans play a major role together in the form of attracting the opposite sex to successfully achieve the right kind of mate for you. As you know, every human gives off their own scent of pheromones. Even though it is usually not detected by the nose, it is very easily detected by the brain. This is the cause of most couples getting together and their pheromones increase and induce inhibitions of sex, love, and affection.

Pheromones In Humans Exist

Each day we mostly wash away our natural pheromones when we take a shower. Body washes, soap, and shampoo usually remove any remaining pheromones that we have. That is why the introduction of human pheromones in a spray or bottle has become quite popular these days in successfully attracting the opposite sex to you. Human pheromone sprays have been used on dates, the club scene and any other social gathering that you can think of. People strategically use this to attract the opposite sex much more effectively. Learn more at

Some of the best examples of pheromones for men include, Primal Instinct, Pheromax, Edge essentials and Chikara Pheromone Cologne. For the ladies they include, Mistress Pheromones, Passion Pheromone, Cleo and Lure for her. There are many more to mention, but I just named a few here for your reading eyes.

Feel free to look through this site to learn more about human pheromones and how they play an important role in attraction and today’s current and social trend. You can even learn more about Pheromone Studies in the news.

Alter Ego Pheromones

Alter Ego Pheromones are quite an effective human pheromone attractant. They can be applied to the pulse points on the body to give off the best results. They come from both men and women to successfully attract the opposite sex. They are both scented fragrances are quite popular these days.

Alter Ego Pheromones for Men and women is also fragranced. This combination makes Alter Ego pheromones one of the premier Human Pheromones around. The Alter Ego for Men Pheromone Cologne and perfume come in a 7.5 ml open-mouth bottle with an eye-dropper top. These are one of the most effective pheromones I have ever experienced.

Alter Ego pheromones contain three pheromones which include androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone. It is scented with men’s cologne fragrance and is quite appealing.

The dating scene and relationships have never been better since the inception of Alter ego pheromones. The longevity and effective results of this human pheromone fragrance have captivated the hearts of those that had the pleasure of experiencing attraction at its finest. The contents include a 7.5 ml open-mouth bottle with an eye-dropper top which makes this great for portability and the person on the go. Now you can successfully increase your levels of attraction with Alter Ego pheromones for men with one of the most effective pheromones out there today!